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Search for your mentor based on details such as sport, major, and schedule. NCAA athletes create profiles, input their weekly availability, and set their own rates per session.

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Book a private training or mentorship session with a NCAA athlete based on their availability with ease. All scheduling and transacting is facilitated in-app.

Maximize your potential

Recruiting Advice

Learn how to navigate the recruiting process with access to personal experiences from NCAA student-athletes. Discuss choosing the best fit for your academic and athletic goals, getting exposure to college coaches, and maintaining an open, positive mindset throughout the recruiting process.

Training Techniques

Discover which training techniques and practice routines set apart NCAA athletes. Improve upon skill sets specific to your sport and train smart by adopting an efficient training schedule that will maximize your strength and ability.

Optimize Performance

Competing at the highest level is conducive to proper nutrition, sleep, and mentality. Learn how to properly fuel your body and maintain mental and physical strength throughout your career. Develop these habits now to best set yourself up for success.

Academic Insights

Learn what it takes to be an exceptional student. Receive guidance on class loads and academic expectations, discover different majors and areas of academic interest, and learn how to perform optimally both on the field and in the classroom.

Time Management Skills

NCAA student-athletes place focus on balance. Learn about the importance of challenging yourself in the classroom, on the field, and in your personal life to find your balance.

Build Relationships

Turn your role models into your mentors. Build relationships with NCAA student-athletes to support you at all points of your youth career. Lean on them through times of uncertainty and celebrate with them your successes.

What we do

Youth athletes

Connect with NCAA student-athletes through private trainings or in-person and virtual mentorship opportunities. Find advice, inspiration, and guidance as ELETE creates a space for youth athletes to gain insight from their role models. Sign up today to access the student-athletes who will best equip you with the tools needed to achieve athletic and academic success.

NCAA athletes

Connect with youth athletes to provide training and mentorship to those who look up to you. Answer questions and share personal experiences to guide mentees towards achieving their athletic and academic goals. Set your own rates per session and input your availability - an easy and streamlined way to make time to connect with your community and pay it forward.

Meet the founders

We both fell in love with our sports at a young age. As we grew up, our love for sport fueled a dream to compete at the collegiate level. Now at Stanford and reflecting on our youth careers, we realize how valuable it would have been to work toward those dreams with a mentor who achieved them. We wanted to make this possible for all aspiring athletes.

We envision ELETE will build community, allow youth athletes to feel supported in the pursuit of their athletic and academic goals, and bridge the gap between youth athletes and their role models.